I can’t breathe. I’m not ok. I have a knot in my chest. My hands are numb. I’m ok. I’m sweating. I’m crying. I can’t be alone. Leave me alone. Don’t touch me. Don’t look at me. Let me sleep. Don’t ignore me. Turn the lights off. It’s too dark. I’m scared. I’m sad. My skin feels tight. I hate my skin. I’m dying. I’m mad. I’m guilty. I’m sick to my stomach. Don’t close the door. Lock the door. My head hurts. I’m a survivor. I’m not good enough. What day is it? Don’t leave me. I’m not worth it. Don’t look at me. Why me? I’m brave. I’m weak. Mind racing. I’m tired. I’m a victim. I see it. I see you. Don’t hurt me. I’m crazy. I’m faking it. I’m so stupid. I’m really smart. I can’t remember. I’m sensitive. I’m cold. I’m lost. I’m sick. I’m tough. I’m bored. I’m overwhelmed. I’m so alone. I’m no good.



8 thoughts on “PTSD

  1. I so totally get this – it’s so hard feeling all these emotions and sometimes in just one day. I have finally been diagnosed with PTSD after many years and meltdowns. I’m working through it with my counsellor but the process drags on.

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