Liebster Award


Thank you GrowthSpurt  for the nomination.


2. If I could be anything I would be a mermaid.
3. Fashion is my drug of choice.
4. I think I was on the Titanic in a past life.
5. I hate to cook but I love to BBQ.
6. I love kayaking.
7. I would give up everything to travel the world.
8. I love change.
9. I miss having parents and grandparents.
10. I collect antique cameras.
11. I still have my first pair and last pair of ballet shoes.


1. Which country would you most like to visit?  FRANCE
2. Can you swim?  VERY WELL
3. How many languages do you speak?  1.5 (English, some Spanish, some French)
4. Comedy or action movie?  COMEDY but I actually prefer suspense or drama.
5. Ryan Gosling or Idris Elba?  Ryan Gosling
6. Favorite show?  Lost Girl
7. If you were stranded on an island, what 3 items would you bring, and why?  Is this a trick question?  Do I know I’m going to be stranded?  If so, why do I do it?  I’ll play…A machete, an extra large spool of heavy duty fishing line and tablets to make salt water safe for drinking.  I think the reasons are all obvious
8. Outdoorsy or couch potato?  Outdoorsy
9. Steve Carell or Will Ferrell?  Will Ferrell
10. If you could redo a past moment in your life, what would it be, and why?  I would stop my son from making the biggest mistake of his life.
11. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?  I don’t know, the jury is still out.  I’ve never seen a ghost but I’m not sure I believe your spirit just ceases to exist when you die.  I kind of believe in reincarnation because sometimes I will feel like I’ve been somewhere before when I know that I haven’t.  Some things feel too familiar.


Hannah Baston

Gretchen Kelly


Sacha Black

Without Measure


1.  Do you believe in reincarnation?  If so, who, what, when?
2. If you could swap places with anyone in the world, who would it be?
3. What is you vice?
4. What is the one physical item you want more than anything in the world? (Don’t say a person or world peace or money)
5. Where is the one place in the world that you wish you lived?
6. What is your favorite book?
7. What is your hidden talent?
8. If you could talk with one person dead or alive for one hour, who would it be?
9. What would you talk about?
10. What is your favorite movie?
11. Favorite fictional character?




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