Countless Ignorance

53a7257e723e31551dc9ba7dd709c5a4Everyday countless people around the world are oblivious to the tragedy and suffering many of us face.  There are those that have never lost anyone close, lived with an abusive or alcoholic person, lived in fear of sexual abuse, fought in a war, faced a life threatening obstacle, fought addiction, lived with a debilitating disease or disability, etc.  They don’t see us because they are too busy complaining about their ordinary lives.

Those countless faces in the crowd that you don’t see are suffering in ways you could never imagine.  We think a cat puking on our favorite pair of shoes, being late to work and shattering the screen on our phone is worst thing life could hand to a single person in one day.  We think that we can be offended by who people love, who people vote for, which bathroom someone uses, whose face is on a dollar bill and what someone wears to a costume party are real problems.  There are COUNTLESS issues that are way more important but were all so self-centered that if it has not affected our lives adversely then we don’t fight for it. When is the last time you stood up for a child that was being abused or spoke up about substance abuse?  When was the last time you stood up to a bully for someone that couldn’t?  When was the last time you gave your time or money to help a cause that never touched your life personally?  We are all guilty of ignoring the terrible realities that some face and living in our own little world.  William-Shakespeare-ignorance-Quotes

While most of us are flooding social media with meme’s about presidential candidates there are children in the world being raped, there are young girls being sexually mutilated at 13 so they don’t cheat on their 43 year old husband and countless lives being trafficked.  The countless meme’s I see about gender neutral bathrooms and how it offends everyone while men are giving their lives up to fight for the freedom to be whatever religion, gender, sexual preference and minority they are.  While you fight and get angry about a lion being killed for sport, why don’t you try getting angry at the people that are killing our children with drugs and bullying them to the point of suicide.  While you are posting countless meme’s about the differences between men and women there are billions of women still being treated like second class citizens, women doing the same jobs as men but making 70% of what men are paid, women are still slaves and property in certain parts of the world and it’s been less than 100 years since women were able to vote in the US.  The list goes on, get angry about that.

ignore_factsWho cares what Princess Kate wore to the last garden party?  Who cares if that model photo-shopped her ass in that picture?  Who cares what color the fucking internet dress is?  Who cares what celebrity is fighting with another?  Who cares which reality star is posting naked tweets?  It’s hard not to get caught up in all these things, it’s hard to refrain from sharing the easy stuff.  It’s time we take notice of the terrible things happening to the people in this world and fight for the those suffering from disease, those fighting for justice, those trying to fight the effects of long-term abuse, parents of lost children, the countless rape victims that still haven’t seen justice, the men, women and children living in slavery, the children that are starving to death, the victims of mutilation and torture, the millions of women living in fear for their lives for speaking out, the countless people killed or persecuted for their religious beliefs, the men and women being beaten in the streets because they are “different” and the countless people with a disease just fighting to survive.

People matter.

Stand up for what matters!

Stand up for the world,  not just your own back yard and not just your “own kind.”  Stand up for freedom and equality everywhere. Stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves.

©Tracy’s Truth Blog, 2016

6 thoughts on “Countless Ignorance

  1. Ah well Tracy. This post really inspired me of waiting for a sec and look at the REAL CAUSES. All your points are really very agreeable. We humans mostly put emphasis on the news which are really not even worth it. We do not focus on the origin of a raging matter rather just read the news and flip our hairs and show our awfulness to them. So backward this world is in some matters. I will be sharing this post on my fb page. Since this is the TIME for the gossip girls to end their drama and begin to take an initiative to make this world a safe place to live in. Keep writing.😊

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