I’ve changed. I’m no longer a victim. I have always been inside the chrysalis growing and transforming into a beautiful and powerful survivor. I’ve been set free from the prison within my soul, I have a voice.

Never again will I allow others to dictate my life or my words. I am strong and fierce and I will not back down. I will be a force to reckon with if you stand in my way or shut me down. I am the epitome of the truth you shamelessly hid from the world.

My justice is found in your guilt and humiliation.  I no longer fear the threat of embarrassment but you should.  I hope you feel the wrath of judgment by your peers and the weight of my pain on your shoulders.  I hope you lay awake at night thinking at any moment the wrong person may discover your secret.  It’s your secret, no longer mine.  When you go to the store I hope you see others staring and worry they may know what you did.

Do you still think you got away with it?  Do you still live in your own sick world where nobody knows what you are?  Do you search the internet for ways to shut me up?

Let this truth be your prison, I am speaking up for myself and those that can’t.



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